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Insecurity, greatest challenge before journalists

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Insecurity, greatest challenge before journalists
 From security point of view, Afghanistan is from among the greatest dangerous countries in the world for reporters and journalists.
Within few recent years, the reporters and journalists always targeted by the suicide attacks and explosions. In this period, a great number of foreign and domestic reporters, journalists and photographers were victimized for giving information and maintaining of freedom of expression in this country.
A number of them were killed or injured, crippled or kidnapped.
In last case, as a result of suicide attack took place in Shashdarak of Kabul on Monday April 30, a number of domestic and foreign journalists martyred and killed and few others injured.
Once more, this incident made mournful the family of press that the journalists were targeted by suicide attack in a time that they wanted to prepare a report about explosion occurred previously.
According to the reports, in this suicide attack, eight reporters and photographers were martyred. 
Attack on journalists and civil people faced with harsh reactions of government authorities and institutions support media.
The Daesh group accepts responsibility of this bloody attack. With increment of such attacks it is proved that the enemies of freedom of expression don’t want democracy and giving information promotes so they took a hostile position in the connection.
The enemies always threaten journalists and their working place. Kidnapping, explosion, taking hostage, beating of reporters and showering of acid are the samples of security problems in work place of journalists in Afghanistan. The incharges of Nai institution, the supporter of free media also say that the journalists are experiencing the worse situation in Afghanistan.
According to executive incharge of this institution, Mujib Khelwatgar, the enemies of freedom of expression took a hostile position against media and reporters and time and again threatened themselves to death and their center of activities. If the situation continues in the same manner, the work of journalism would face with serious threat.
The attack occurred last Monday on journalists remained negative impact on all aspects of life of society, and the government incharges and civil activists, with the issuance of separate messages flayed this act of enemies.
The messages say that attack on journalists mean attack on freedom of expression and giving information in the country.
The messages released in this connection, attack on journalist is regarded as war crime and attack on freedom of expression and giving awareness to the people that day and night, they make effort to reflect the realities avail in the country but mercilessly, they targeted the attacks of enemies of the people of Afghanistan. 
The journalists who had gone to prepare a report they themselves were changed in to a news subject.
The problems of journalists of Afghanistan doesn’t summarized to security but there are huge problems that faced the work of journalists with much difficulties.
Beside security problems such as suicide attacks and explosions, the journalists are facing with other problems as well that from among them is non investigation to their problems, being faint-colored the rate of exchange of information and experiences in the field of journalism, ignorance from the professional of journalism in higher education system of the country, non acquaintance of some journalists with national and international languages, no dispatching of journalists to news making areas that are facing danger, financial and economic problems, lack of a certain salary for free journalists, lack of meritocracy in absorption of journalists in working offices, increment of insecurity dependency of journalists to party, economic and tribal issues etc. being no professional in journalism are the important  factors and reasons for weakness of journalism in Afghanistan.
Increment of insecurity against journalists and non prevention from it, has behind much threats. One of important aftermaths of attack on journalists is postponement of profession of journalism. Because, others refrain to select this profession.
Today, the provinces of the country are full of intact subjects. But, because of insecurity, the journalists didn’t dare to prepare report from insecurity provinces. As a result, most realities remain uncovered and some other flee from the country for foreign countries. 
To maintain the journalists security in Afghanistan, there are much roadmaps that the government and incharges concerned should pay attention to them.
Establishment of special force by government for journalists in areas facing with crisis and are dangerous, further coordination between journalists and security personnel during passing through warring regions and the place explosion occurred, training of journalists about security issues and giving awareness to them in the connection and holding of special training courses for journalists are from among important roadmaps that the government should take in its hand for maintaining security of journalists. Otherwise, the profession of journalism would face with serious challenges in the country.
The result:
- Insecurity in Afghanistan faced freedom of expression with serious threat.
- Majority of journalists abandon their progression.  If the government not to investigate the issue, the freedom of expression and achievements gained within few years in the field of press would annihilate.
- Afghanistan is seriously in need of enforcement of profession of  journalism. As people are willing to aware about current issues in and in abroad, the government should make serious effort to maintain the security of journalists and enforcement of this profession. With doing so, the ground are prepared for getting awareness and information. 
- Every neglect and inattention in the connection have behind much aftermaths that one of them is stoppage of freedom of expression and giving awareness to the society. 
- Government, people and journalists themselves should adopt practical measures for trust building in regard with newspapers and other media.