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First E-ID distribution center established in Kabul

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First E-ID distribution center established in Kabul
 Ultimately following several months of expectations, the first E-ID distribution center was established in Kart-e-Char area, Kabul city and started activities, while the Central Department of Population Registration (CDPR) plants to establish five E-ID distribution centers in different parts of capital city. The CDPR said that E-ID distribution has already been kicked off by Afghan higher authorities and it has the responsibility to implement this process.
Spokesman of CDPR Ruhullah Ahmadzai told the media that they plan to extend this process in other cities, districts and provinces in the wake of creation of five centers in Kabul, based on their obligations in six months in big provincial capitals, and in the third step in rest of the districts and provinces.
Ahmadzai added, distribution process of E-ID will take five years as it had been started on  Feb 16.2018 in presidential palace and was warmly welcomed. 
In the outset, certain disagreements caused delay of this process but finally on 3rd of May 2018, president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and a number of other government authorities who had already registered for receiving of E-ID received it.
The CDPR added that this process has completed all its legal cases and nobody can stop it with their unlawful request.
At the same time, talking on the process quality of E-ID distribution, Elham Babur one of the IT experts said, during six months of probational process of E-ID distribution, further attention should be invited on quality than quantity. After that more centers are needed to be set up due to increasing population of capital city that would be followed by upcoming presidential elections. At present this process advances slow and it must be accelerated.
Babur suggests that acceleration of E-ID distribution must not affect quality of this process and all residents of the country should be systematically benefited from E-ID.
Kabul resident want to get and own E-ID. Ehsanullah a local resident said, E-ID is an essential document to every Afghan citizen that would enable them to attend a free elections.
He asked CDPR to increase distribution centers  of E-ID in capital city and thus facilitate people access to E-ID.
Arezo another citizen said, if the government wants to have popular support and trust, it should revise and insert the name of all nationalities and setup equality among all tribes. Otherwise a number of tribes would not be satisfied with E-ID distribution process. It is the government responsibility to convince all tribes and remove people concern. Because in the past, Afghans had been united and there was no ethnic and linguistic discrimination among them.