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Flood threats should be tackled

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Flood threats should be tackled
 In the past winter, Afghanistan witnessed the lowest snowfall but it was compensated with heavy rain showers in spring specially in recent weeks that covered most provinces. People specially the rurals, who are mainly involved in agriculture seem happy with rains and while their agricultural fields were in urgent need of irrigation and water, the people considered the rain showers as a God Sent Gift and are thankful for Allah’s mercy.
But this is not the whole story, as recent rains caused devastating floods in some provinces which caused heavy financial damages and humanitarian causalities.
Based on the report of NDMA, due to recent floods in the last days, over 71 people died. Deputy director of NDMA Mohammad Aslam Seyas, said that over 1411 houses were destroyed in 16 provinces and over 600 cattles perished.
Afghanistan is a mountainous country with dried climate and high capacity for occurring of natural disasters. 
During monsoonal rains, most parts of the country are affected with devastating floodings. In the past, most parts of the country had recorded devastating floods in the memory. But due to consecutive droughts the land herble cover was strongly damaged and due to current situation, wars and insecurities, weak rule of law and lack of proper ground for implementation of law, the mafia elements have been deforesting and emptied villages and rural areas from mountain trees. This increased this capacity and paved the way for dangerous floodings.
Probably the rainfalls would continue for many other weeks and days that means that people should expect further floodings specially in rural areas. Large number of residential houses, agricultural fields, commercial properties, public utility infrastructures, roads, bridges… located in these places, probability of further damages and casualties is expected in upcoming days and weeks.
Those countrymen who were affected by floods, losts their family members or properties, are in urgent need of assistance by government and international relief agencies. Two steps should be urgently and simultaneously taken: people should be warned through media that in case of floods they must keep away immediately their families and animals from the possible tinerary of floods and minimize vulnerability rate. The houses or commercial facilities which located in the course of floods, should be evacuated temporarily.
Relief supply operations should be accelerated for the affected people who have been potentially damaged.
People should be warned not to damage the land herble cover, don’t cut trees and avoid deforestation to prevent floods in long term and save their families.