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On the occasion of Martyr’s Week:

A soldier who lost life to defend his compatriots ... Full story

War, insecurity forcing women to quit job in media

 The Educational and Training Radio Television, with 12-hour radio and 18-hour TV broadcast, within the Ministry of Education, has up to 100 personnel including 20 ... Full story

Literacy the torch of life’s path

 17th of Sonbola, 8th of Sep coincides with the International Literacy Day, what that could dominate darknesses and with its bright and shining light become ... Full story

Dupree is gone and Afghanistan can...(poem on the death of Nancy Dupree )

You can sob that she is gone Or you can smirk that she rests in peace You can dream and wish that she’ll come back Or ... Full story

Supporting martyrs’ families encourages devotion for homeland

 If we don’t ignore reality and honesty, put our conscience on the throne of justice, we obtain that sacrificing of life is not simple and ... Full story

Performing Hajj, sacrificing mean following Prophet Ibrahim’s path

 Annually, during Zul Qaada and Zul Hijjah, two auspicious months, hundreds of Muslim people go to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj—an action that show Muslim ... Full story

Hundreds women employed for cleaning streets in Kabul

 A number of women who are busy in cleaning and sweeping roads in Kabu city to told The Kabul Times correspondent that they were happy ... Full story

Power shortfall in Eid days concerning

 Continuous electricity load-shedding has raised concerns among the people in the capital Kabul. They asked the government to solve the problem during Eid days, because ... Full story

Increasing electricity load-shedding in Kabul concerning

 Mujibul Rahmad Momand, head of Kabul electricity department in an inclusive interview with The Kabul Times correspondent has informed of further electricity load-shedding in Kabul ... Full story

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