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Plenty of problems ahead of Afghan women football team

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Plenty of problems ahead of Afghan women football team

 Since eight years, the Afghan female football team has been operating within the framework of NOC. 

The Kabul Times reporter has interviewed the Capitan of AFFT Ferozan Tajalli, saying, “I have been playing for eight years. There are certain problems ahead of female football team. But females are able now to fight and find solution to these problems. Insecurity is a major problem ahead of ladies and girls. Due to insecurity ladies and girls cannot easily attend competitions.
She added I have attended many competitions and in the last two years I have been the Capitan of girls’ football team in Kabul and provinces. In the past there was no female football team in provinces.
But now the Roshan Premier team has received a sufficient budget and has invited all provincial female teams to Kabul city and launches competition between two teams to enable them to attend foreign competitors. Every year, two times football competitions are organized in Kabul.
She went on to say. At present competition are held among eight female teams as I am a player of Afghan Club Team that is champion. The Afghan Club team has been champion of competition since four years.
Talking on her foreign visits and competitions, she said, “We had attended a foreign competition in Pakistan in 2015 and achieved championship of females team. Our second visit was to Qatar with a result of 2=0 in our benefit. In Seri Lanka competition we defeated Pakistan 4=0. The cup championship will be organized in 2016-2020 in Qatar.
We managed to return home with good results and achievements and managed to enter the 3rd position. She added, sport creates friendship and sincerity among people. My message to youth particularly females is this to fight all problems, always make sport and love it.
Nesar Ahmad Askarzada