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Yousufzai wins medals in two continents’ powerlifting contests

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Yousufzai wins medals in two continents’ powerlifting contests

 Besides other sports, weightlifting has an old history in Afghanistan.

Fortunately, over the recent years, the Afghan bodybuilders could attain many achievements in this respect. 
Mostafa Yousufzai is an Afghan bodybuilder who has obtained many achievements in domestic and foreign weightlifting completions so far. 
In an exclusive interview with The Kabul Times, Yousufzai said that he has been doing weightlifting for four years, and has the membership of Weightlifting National Team. He is now in first position in 69Kg.
Pointing at his achievements during the competitions, Yousufzai said that he has participated in many domestic and foreign competitions.
Yousufzai has received six medals in domestic competitions, four silver and bronze medals in foreign competitions and two silver and one bronze medals in a competition which was held in Jordon.
The competitions were held between two continents of Asia and Africa, during which fortunately, I got the first position, Yousufzai further said. 
I have traveled to some Asian countries such as Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Iran which helped increase my experiences in weightlifting, Yousufzai continued.
On reasons why  he got interested to weightlifting , he said, I was doing bodybuilding  before ,  but  weightlifting is a good  sport to our  bones and I found it better than bodybuilding, that is  why I have resorted to this sport, Yousufzai went on to say.
On qualifications of a good athlete, Yousufzai said, ‘A champ should not be sorted out by his/her degrees, but it should be based on self-confidence and sport behavior. In fact, a champion should be a symbol to his/her society and young generation.’
Likewise, athletes should be role models to those who have resorted to narcotics, Yousufzai stressed.
Youth should realize that sport is the best sound business, as well as it can be effective in improving security situation and creation of national unity, Yousufzai added.  
Furthermore, through sport, we can uproot moral corruption throughout the country, Yousufzai emphasized.
Economy problems, lack of sport places, lack of support by the government officials and businessmen are the challenges ahead of athletes in Afghanistan, Yousufzai added.
Yousfuzai asked the government officials and national traders to pay attention to the country’s sportsmen and sportswomen, because, sport is the messenger of peace and we want peace in Afghanistan, Yousufzai said.
Youth should exercise besides learning education, we should rise the name of Afghanistan through sport and say to the world countries that Afghanistan is a pacific country. 
Nangialay Usmani