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NOC aims to introduce Afghanistan as peace-loving country

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NOC aims to introduce Afghanistan as  peace-loving country

 In current year, the Olympic games were organized in Rio De Jenrio, the capital of Brazil. Afghanistan athletes also attended in it. The Kabul Times reporter has made the following interview with spokesman of NOC Ehsan Neero on this event.

At the outset Neero said, in the past the NOC and Physical Training Department were a single body under the government. But since two years these two were separated and operating as NGO and non-beneficial organization.
 Secretary General and deputies of NOC are elected according to free election. 
Recently, Zaher Aghbar was elected as president of NOC. 
Talking on the participation of Afghan athletes in current Olympic games, he said our athletics have attended in two branches of Judo and running.
We have sent two athletes sportsmen one male one female and one Judo sportsman. Our participants athletes are skilled and qualified and each of them have already attended foreign competitions over ten times with good achievements. 
They were introduced by their relevant federations. We trust them.
He added, usually prior to holding of world or Asian Olympic games all National Olympic Committee order their sub federations to have preparations. Each federation organizes competitions and elect their premier players and introduce to NOC. 
Then their documents are studied by NOC and the best one are elected for world Olympic games. Although we had no preparation and the NUG has not cooperated us in this direction neither material nor moral. 
The NOC asked some friendly countries to support our athletes accommodation. 
The government had allocated Afs 50m to NOC but we received nothing.
He added, we attended these games with zero resources and we are proud of participation of these athletes. 
Doesn’t matter if they bring any medal or not. 
The goal of our participants is to introduce Afghanistan to the world people as a peaceful and stable country not a country of explosions and suicide attacks.