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Suspension of aids to Afghan returnees fuels insecurity

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Suspension of aids to Afghan returnees fuels insecurity

 The EU has suspended aids to repatriating Afghan asylum seekers and those who have been deported are living in a bad condition. If the EU would not be loyal to its commitments, these people may join the terror groups that would make large number of Afghans at close quarters with new problems. 

A senior official of Afghan ministry of refugees and repatriates said, “The EU  has not assisted the resettlement of those asylum seekers who are deported from EU countries. All those people had already sold all their assets to deported to EU for asylum seeking and now have no shelter to spend days or nights. They may be join the notorious criminals groups to earn money to lead life that would prolong the war.
The Afghan government asks the EU to act upon their promises and don’t let this people to join insurgents groups.
The Afghan authorities added that the EU should be loyal to their commitments, support the deported repatriates otherwise they would create bad consequences. It is anticipated that in lack of aids, these repatriated Afghans would retake refuge or join terrorists cells.
On Oct 2016, the Afghan government and EU had signed an agreement based on which those Afghans whose asylum seeking applications have been rejected, would be deported to Afghanistan but the EU would assist them. Even rumours were spread that towns will be built for them and with EU assistance houses would be distributed for them. According to available reports, after Syria, the Afghans are second in quantity of asylum seeking in EU.
According to Afghan MoRR, US$80m have been allocated for repatriates, out of which $9m will be invested by government and the res through international organizations. In the last two weeks, at least 15 and 10 Afghans have been deported from Germany and Sweden respectively to Afghanistan.
Large number of Afghan eligible youth left their homeland due to unemployment and departed to EU counties through dangerous itineraries, thousands of whome lost their life or swallowed by sea crocodiles. Those who managed to reach EU countries, their asylum applications’ were rejected.
Still, the Afghan youth are at close quarters with increasing unemployment. Those youth who don’t find job, would either join terrorists or would be addicted and wait to die gradually. The NUG should provide employment opportunities to people and rescue our talented youth from these dangerous trips. The Afghan government should ask the world community to accelerate their assistance to repatriating people to prevent insecurity and re-deporting of these people.
Not only EU countries, but also our neighbors exert heavy pressure on Afghan refugees to repatriate to Afghanistan. 
During the last year, over 600000 Afghan refugees have repatriated from Iran and Pakistan and each family receive only US$220 by UNHCR which previously they received over $400.