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Chaotic situation of Kabul stadium

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 The foundation stone of Kabul sport stadium or as it is known among pubic to “Ghazi Stadium” was laid down during the premiership of late prime minister Shah Mahmood Khan.

It was developed during the presidency of late Abdul Waheed Etemadi with a capacity of over 18000 audience as it was once hosting international competitions. 
During the devastating civil war and factional conflicts in 1992-1995 it was the stronghold of warring factions.
The Taliban regime (1996-2001) used it as a slaughter house according to their own opinion of violators of Islamic Shariah.
In the first days of formation of interim administration, despite of its fractures and breakages it had inherited from the civil wars, it managed to undertake the first hosting of Friendship International Cup with the participation of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Iran football teams in which Afghanistan team achieved position of championship. Beside that several bilateral competitions between Afghan and ISAF teams were also held there.
Later on it was rebuilt by Sport and Physical Training Authority with financial support of the US embassy cultural branch huge expenditures. But today either due to carelessness of relevant officials or athletes and audiences, it gradually changes face to a ruin. A lot of irregularities could be seen there.
A number of people blame officials of football federation for their carelessness on the stadium  maintenance and said that this federation should take care of cleanliness of the stadium.
Mohammad Aziz Abulfazli one of the trainers said, maintenance of stadium depends upon football federation to draw attention of concerned employees to cleanliness of this historical place.
Acknowledging these problems, chairman of Kabul Football Federation Hayatullah Logarwal said, in 1392 as per order of the then president and resolution of the council of ministers this stadium  was given to football federation but due to lack of coordination between Football Federation and Sport and Physical Training Authorities, the salaries of FF employees are not paid.
He said, during the reign of former president Hamid Karzai, US$ one million was paid to F.F annually but now this payment is cult.