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Sport cloth must be made virtuously

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Sport cloth must be made virtuously

 Born in 1987 in an enlightened and educated family in Parwan province, Mohammad Sharif Aram was graduated in 2012 from the Accounting Institute. He started sport in 2010 in the field of Power Lifting as now he is a champion in his weight. In an interview, talking on his domestic and foreign achievements. Aram said.

I resorted to power lifting sport in 2010 due to my enthusiasm under the guidance of Ustad Nazir kohistani in Uranus Club as he encouraged me a lot in this field. In 2011 I gained membership of Afghanistan National Power Lifting Team (ANPLT). My first athletic trip was in 2012 to Kazakhstan. Despite of lack of sufficient experience, I managed to collect a silver medal. In 2013, I attended Asian competitions in India and received three gold and one Bronze medals. In 2014 I attended two overseas competitions between Asia Australia hosted by Uzbekistan. I received a gold medal and was recognized champion of my weight. Two months later I took active part in World Cup competition in India and received a silver medal and 2015 I received a silver medal in Uzbekistan. In 2016, I attended a competition in India in which I got two gold and one silver medals and was recognized as the best Bench Press sportsman. 
In 2017, I received one gold and one Bronze medal in India as in these competitions I performed three moves. Totally I have received 14 medals including seven gold, three silver and four bronze in foreign competitions.
Talking on his domestic achievements, Aram said, in 2010 I was recognized as the superman of Afghanistan. In 2011 I received cup of sport etiquette. In 2012 I was recognized as the best sport trainer. In 2014  was recognized trainer of golden man.
In 2015. I received the title of the best Iron man as until now I have kept this title. In 2014 the first Arm Power competitions were organized in Afghanistan. I achieved championship in 105 kg and received the title of the best man. I have four cups of sport etiquette which is the best achievement for me. In power lifting federation, I have more medals. Since 2010, I have been the most powerful Bench Press man, at Afghanistan, Asia and world levels.
No one has broken my record yet. 15 gold, 3 silver medals and 23 championship cups are included my achievements.
Answering a question what are the mystery of an athlete success, Aram said, people who could not tolerate mini pains and hardships, never manage to carry out big works. An athlete should have positive eye to all problems ahead. He should never feel disappointment and incapability, should always resist difficulties and feel responsibility before sport and country.
Replying another question on qualities of a trainer, Aram said, a trainer should recognize strength and weakness of his athletes and be laborious in removal of his problems and fostering of his skills. Talking to athlete and recognition of his skills causes his self-reliance. Planning for athletes to achieve championship goals, is a principle that a trainer should observe them. A trainer should never discriminate among his trainees.
Touching advantages of sport, Aram said, sport and physical activities cause improvement of heart muscles, prevent heart attacks, makes body resistant against micro bios and diseases.  
Health is a god sent gift. Human being always need health and freshness. Sport plays key role in people life.
As the last word, Aram sent this message to youth: dear youth, think positive and constructive on your future works. Notice that you are capable of big works. Perform your jobs sincerely. Make sport for your health and prosperity. Nangyalai Osmani