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Sports; fighting selfishness

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Sports; fighting selfishness
 Master Feraidoon Mohammadi was born in 1977 in an enlightened, educated and sports-loving family in Kabul province.
He had started sport in its professional form in the year 1988. Mohammadi has a great acquaintance with taekwondo, boxing, Muay Thai, judo, kickboxing, and has a good professional athletics in all fields of sport.
Mohammadi, is the trainer of the Kickboxing National Team and General Muay Thai Secretary, as well as the technical deputy of the martial arts Federation of Afghanistan, head of K-One Kicking Boxing, representative of tens of international sport organization in Afghanistan. He had achieved his Sport Master degree in the martial arts fields from the United Kingdom and Azerbaijan.
Mohammadi have level one coaching diploma from the International Kickboxing Organization and also the International coaching document in martial arts and the holder of Dan-8 belt from international organizations.
In 2009 I had been to Turkey and attended as a referee in the competitions, also joined competitions a referee in the Indian national competition in 2010, and I continued to work as coach in 2010 at the Asian Games in Iran, Mohammadi stated. 
It is worth mentioned, that in 2011 I was recognized as the best referee at the World Competitions in Ukraine. I achieved twice the world’s championship in Self-Defense. In 2015, I gained the first position in the World Championships in Azerbaijan. 
Pointing to health benefits of sports, Mohammadi said that sports brings more blood to the brain. When blood oxygen is increased, people’s behavior and morals are increased, sports lowering the amount of salt in the brain and improves sleep as well prevent from use of drugs and sports provides a healthy and livelier quality of life for human beings. Sports can play an effective role in the maintaining of peace and security. Sport is a social phenomenon that has an important impact on friendship and solidarity of the nations and tribes.
Sports bring peace the message and play a significant role in the rapprochement of countries, Mohammadi went on to say.
About challenges of athletes Mohammadi asserted that our athletes are facing a lot of economic problems. There are no standard sports equipment and modern venues for tournament training. I personally many times had escaped from assassination attempts by unknown individuals and my life is in danger. 
Because, my love for sports is my job and I try to serve the youth of the country through sports, so the government should pay serious attention to the safety of athletes’ lives.
At the end Mohammadi in his message to youth stressed that the young age is a very sensitive period, the youth should take advantage from this golden period, and to feel themselves responsible in the progress of their country and well must be patient against the problems.”