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Sport plays key role in coherence of society

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Sport plays key role in coherence of society
 Abdul Wahab Zazai, a member of the National Taekwondo Team, was born in an well-educated family in 1991, graduated from the Faculty of Economics and champion in 54kg weight.
Pointing to his achievements, Zazai said that in 2001, I started taekwondo at the Haidari Association, because enthusiasm and passion to sports. In 2006, I became a member of the Youth team, and in this section I was the champion in my weight.
I got the national team membership in 2008, my domestic achievements are include of 25 gold and one silver medals. In 2014, I traveled to Korea and participated in the competition, where I got a silver medal.
Hinting to the characteristics of an athlete, Zazai stated that a true athlete is the one who bring honor to his country through healthy competition and sport, and the athlete is whom who respects the national identity and culture of sport.
Talking to the role of sport in the society, Zazai asserted that a human being is a social creature that must have a social relationship with others, all people need to maintain their social relationships with outside environment, And this can be done by sport, and we can say that sport plays key role in the coherence of the peoples of a community.
Sport also helps our body to carry more oxygen to other important human organs, including the lungs, the brain, the heart and muscles. In short, sport is important to carry oxygen throughout the body, making your heart healthy, Zazai continued.
I personally have been deprived of the international competitions for several years and I have had the special preparation, but the problem in the Taekwondo Federation is that it’s divided into two categories. The athletes of the team separated from each other and caused the non-participation of athletes in the international competitions.
He urged the Afghanistan’s sports federation to pay serious attention to athletes of national team and prepare the ground for them to participate in international competitions. 
He went on to say the future of society is related to young people, and this is the young generation who plays a key role in building up a community, because the society cannot reach to the progress sans participation of this generation in social, cultural and political affairs. So, dear youth feel responsible themselves for your country, Zazai concludes.