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NOC asked to pay heed on athletes

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 Hussain Bakhsh was born in an open-minded family in Bamyan in 1374 solar year. He is a university student in the faculty of law and political sciences and is a champion in his weight in Jujitsu and is a member of wrestling national team.
He has started doing sport since he was just nine-year-old.  
He said, I had started Kong Fu at first, but as this sport field didn’t have worldwide competitions, I changed my sport field and started Jujitsu.
 He added I am the champion of my weight in Jujitsu since six years.
He is a member of wrestling national team in 61kg and he has so far won 17 medals, 15 of which are gold and two are bronze.
In 2017, when the Asian competitions held in Turkmenistan, I was the first Afghan athlete who won a gold medal, he further said, adding the competitions level was so high and I could overcome four of my rivals and achieve the first position.
About the factors behind his success, Safari said, “When we were in Pakistan, we were earning money through carpet weaving.”
I was also studying there since 6:00am to 4:00pm, he said, adding I was also used to study my lessons during carpet weaving. 
I have always dreamt to be a champion and trusted in myself, he went on to say. 
“When we returned Afghanistan, I have seen difficult days and have always done my best to financially help my family,” he continued. 
Having goal in my life has been my success’s secret, he added. 
About challenges before Afghan athletes he said, Afghanistan’s sport administrations was so weak, it doesn’t do anything fundamental to athletes and national teams. 
Jujitsu federation doesn’t have a regular office, it cannot pave the ground for our travel to foreign countries, he continued.
I don’t have a professional coach in Jujitsu sport field, he said, adding I download the Jujitsu videos and then share them with my teammates. 
He asked the National Olympic Committee (NOC) to pay heed to national teams’ members.