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Tolerance; a good athlete’s specification

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 Torialay Mirza Zada a member of Afghanistan Zurkhaneh National Team is a high school graduated. After his high school graduation, he passed university entrance exam and succeeded in faculty of journalism in Kabul University, but unfortunately, due to financial problems, he couldn’t continue his higher education.  
Fortunately, through sport, he could gain many prides to Afghanistan.  Torialay said, “I was really interested to sport. Finally, I started Zurkhaneh sport under master Sultan Mahmoud Nazari. I have started Zurkhaneh for six years and could gain its national team membership in 1394.”
“I had passed two foreign contests, first in 2017, when the Islamic countries Olympic contest held and I could gain the 5th position in heavy weight,” he further said. 
Likewise, in 2017, I have participated in south Asia contests hosted by Nepal and I could gain the gold medal, he added. He pointed out that he has so far gained three medals, one gold and two silver in domestic contests.  On specification of a good athlete, he stated that tolerance is a good athlete’s specification, because athletes are role model of peace ambassadors. He added a strong athlete is who can overcome his anger. Decision-making means power and change, he said, adding when a person has any goal in his life, there is no doubt that he can be successful. 
He said, “My message to all youth is that they should look for destiny and don’t wait until the destiny comes to you, use the time in a positive manner, because Afghanistan needs strong youth.”