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Winner of several medals

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Winner of several medals
 Ahmad Shekaib Attayee a member of Afghanistan Zurkhaneh National Team and also owner of World and Asian competitions medal is a high school graduated. But unfortunately, due to financial problems, he couldn’t continue his higher education.  Fortunately, through sport, he could gain many prides to Afghanistan. 
In 2006, considering the passion for sports, I started kickboxing. Fortunately, in my weight of 50kg, I was recognized as the winner of the gold medal.
Later, I continued to wrestling in consulting with my family, when I was 14 years old, in the Marif-e-Shaheed, then I started Zurkhaneh sports under the guidance of master Sultan Mahmoud  Nazair and Miya Gul Nazari, which was founded by Iranian athletes in Afghanistan in 2007.
He went on to say, six years later, I had regular exercises and I got the membership of the National Team. Pointing to his medals, Attayee stated that in four-nation tournament of Iran, Tajikistan and Pakistan which was hosted by Afghanistan I won two medals.
Likewise, in 2008, I had participated in south Asia contests hosted by Nepal and I got the championship and gain the silver medal, Attayee added. 
As well as I participated in competition which was held in Korea and I won the Bronze medal and got the third title. He said that I achieved the championship of the Fajr Cup in Iranian competitions.
In Abu Qasem Ferdawsi competitions, which was hosted by Tajikistan, I got two medals one gold and other bronze. I also won two gold medals from the tournament of Asian countries in Azerbaijan, Atayee asserted.
Attayeed continued to say that in the Indonesian competitions there were 86 different kinds of sports where fortunately our team won the 30th position.
In the Bangladesh tournament, I also won two silver and bronze medals. He said that I achieved 35 medals of great athletes events and sports community of our country.
On specification of a good athlete, he stated that tolerance is a good athlete’s specification and a strong athlete is whom who can sustain his anger. 
He said, “My message to all youth is that successful young people give much value to each single moment. So, dear youth the country’s responsibility is on us, so I try to serve our community.