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Sport; today’s will, tomorrow’s power

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Sport; today’s will, tomorrow’s power
Hekmatullah Yaqoubi born in 1367, solar year in a sport-loving family.
He has graduated from pharmacy institute and has professional access to three sport fields of Kong Fu, fitness and free fight. He is also a trainer. 
He has started exercise since he was only 12.
He said, I had been trained for four years in Kong Fu by Master MohammadTahir and could gain the country’s national team membership.
I had participated in eight competitions in weight 70 and could gain the first position in three of them, he added.
As I have had good body, I have also started to attend fitness competitions, he said, adding once I got the first position and once more the second position.
“I am exercising free fight now, and I have a competition with a Pakistani counterpart in near future and doing my best to win it,” he went on to say.
On sport role in people’s life, he said sport kept us always fresh, it removed laziness and boringness and caused us to be powerful mentally and physically.
“Youth are recognized as powerful force of a country, therefore, it is needed that they should do sport to be healthy and build the society’s future,” he continued.