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Sport to strengthen national unity, social relations

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Sport to strengthen national unity, social relations
 Dr. QaisJasour has been born in an athletic family in 1367.
He has studied curative medicine in Tajikistan. 
He is now working in Hard Fighting Championship (HFC) organization as technical deputy and is a champion in this field. 
He has exercised wrestling, Muay Thai, boxing, gymnastic and swimming. 
On his sport activities, he said I have started Kung Fu with my uncle since childhood. However, I was a small boy, but since then, I have known that sport means discipline and to respect each other, he added. 
As I have enjoyed strong physique, I have started boxing under Master Hamid Rahimi in 1380, he said, adding I have been a champion of my weight until I got the national team membership in weight 44kg. 
Totally, I have performed 21 amateur competitions, and nocked out 13 rivals, he went on to say. 
12 gold medals, 2 championship belts and 5 gold medals in boxing are among my achievements, he continued. 
In 2012 and 2013, I was a university student in Tajikistan and as I was so eager of sport, started Sambo there, he said, adding I had participated in Sambo competitions three times and got the first position two times. 
After 2014, when I graduated from university in Tajikistan, I returned to Afghanistan and started free fighting here, he said. 
I was the first person who founded free fighting inside a cage in the country, he pointed out.  In 2016, for the first time, I held HFC competitions in Afghanistan with an Indian rival, he stated. Fortunately, I could nock him out in a submission technique and gain the belt of weight 61kg, he said. 
He said I have also had a competition with an Iranian and I could win him with high score and got the championship belt to my country. 
His message to Afghan youth is to exercise if you love to be always healthy. 
He said young generation were the country’s asset and formed basic force of the society. Therefore, the future of Afghanistan is in your hand, he addressed the youth.