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Fencing Games in Afghanistan Need Concentration

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Fencing Games in Afghanistan Need Concentration

 In recent years, sports sector has changed into one of the influencing sectors in Afghanistan. Officials associated with sports fields stress that international community didn’t pay necessary concentration on sports sector in Afghanistan. 

Tariq Roshangar serves as head of Afghanistan Fencing Federation (AFF) he is one of the sports management bodies’ chief who complain about the ongoing situations dominating on sports sector in Afghanistan. He believes that lack of resources and necessary equipments used for sports were two central factors which have undermined fencing growth in Afghanistan and several clubs operating in this field were closed down in the provinces due economic issues.
Responding to a question with respect to the responsibility of the Fencing Federation, Roshangar said that due to economic and financial issues the federation isn’t able to expand the sports and train five or six thousand people in this field and invested covers only few people who have shown their potentials in fencing field. He said that the fencing federation wants to expand supports to those want to come in this field in the next four years and find new sponsors and technical equipments. He stated that our players so far have received 6 to bronze medals. 
“In 2008, there were some financial aids during Din Mohammad Safai as acting chief of the federation, but there wasn’t accountability and it delayed international and Asian aids to fencing federation,” Roshangar said. “Some countries have pledged to provide us some financial assistance,” he added. 
“Unfortunately, there are no much concentration on sports sector in Afghanistan compared to other sectors, foreign companies in Afghanistan try to invest on other sectors in Afghanistan, we should also focus on sports sector, because it helps stability of the country,” Roshangar further said. 
Meanwhile, a number of citizens have said that Afghanistan received visible growth in sports sector over the last few years and there is need for further investments to boost this sector. 
Mohammad Ali is one of the citizens who have extraordinary interests on fencing sport. 
“Afghanistan is one of the countries where people maintain major inters tests on games and local sports, wrestling, fencing, lancing, jousting and rest of the games were played in this country since the ancient times, so there must be concentration on fencing sector, because the people of Afghanistan want to play fencing during their national days,” Mohammad Ali said.  
Fencing is one of the ancient sports of the federations in the world. There is technical resources of the game in the local market and the uniform which is used in the fencing sports is sold at a around 800 to 1000 dollars in the open market. The fencing federation currently operates only in the four provinces of Khost, Paktia, Balk and Kabul, the federation has closed down its branch office in other provinces due to economic recessions and lack of money. Kareema Malikzada