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June 23rd Int’l Olympic Day: Int’l Olympic Day: Promoting peace, removing cultural barriers worldwide

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June 23rd Int’l Olympic Day: Int’l Olympic Day: Promoting peace, removing cultural barriers worldwide

 Olympic Day is an international Olympic Movement aims to promote mass participation of sports held in June and organized by National Olympic Committees (NOCs).

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) was formally established on 23 June 1894 through the efforts of Pierre de Coubertin in order to promote competitive sports as to revive the ancient Olympic Games.
The Olympic day was introduced to focus on the implementation of the certain constructive and efficient sport’s programs and activities. However, the event’s main attention has been drawing on the gathering of the people, particularly the youth generation in the world, in order to motivate them, blossoming their sport’s capabilities and talents.
At the same time it was emphasized that sport is considered as a positive social phenomenon towards the strengthening of the friendly relations and respects with various nations in the world. Therefore, the Olympic can have positive impacts on the improvement of the solidarity, creating the understandings among the nations.
It was seemed that the Olympic in the past years, has obtained considerable experiences for easing sport activities and it has been a motivation, gathering together all the nations to realize each other and maintain good relations for the better understanding.
In Afghanistan during the past fourteen years the Olympic has not boosted in a constructive manner. It is regarded a social phenomenon, being taken into account by the National Unity Government. 
The Afghan sportsmen, who have acute interest, having good achievements in their respect fields, so it is a social obligation for the people to encourage them, so that these athletes continue their sports and participate in the rehabilitation affairs, that are consists of the educational, economic, political, social, and other facilities that can play significant role in the development of various sectors in Afghanistan.
The Afghan athletes, who have extended their constant attempts in this ground, could have the great achievements. These successes are supported by the donor countries and other individuals who have been making efforts, bringing considerable advancements on the sport gains such as soccer, cricket, football and other games.
Afghanistan for the first time which had taken part in Olympic Games was in 1968 in Mexico. But with the start of the Taliban’s regime, Afghanistan deprived to attend the Olympic World Day.
However, the Afghanistan’s sportsmen’s who have been making endless efforts to restore the sports processes could obtain the participating ground in the Olympic international day. The marking of the International Olympic Day once again has demonstrated, the sport can play a vital role in the improvement of the global cooperation among the countries that are willing to launch such activities, consolidating the friendly ties at the international levels. 
Lailuma Noori