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NCT of Afghanistan gains gold, silver and bronze medals

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NCT of Afghanistan gains gold, silver and bronze medals

 Within recent 14 years, the National Cricket Team of Afghanistan (NCT) gained gold, silver and bronze medals from international competitions held in different countries of the world.

This was stated by the head of Board of National Cricket Team of Afghanistan Nasimullah Danesh in an interview with The Kabul Times reporter.
Nasimullah Danesh said the our team did to absorb a great number of youths that now, they attend daily in competitions and exercises practically.
In a question Danesh said that the NCT attends in 4, 20 and 50-days competitions with other domestic cricket teams. They are organized in five cricket zones.
He stated that if the team has no training program, it is impossible to have a good team, the team which brings various medals from competitions held abroad.
In connection with five zones of cricket in the country, Danesh detailed that these zones are include of northern, southern, eastern and northeastern ones.
Among these zones, we launch four day competitions and these cricketers who shine well, we introduce them to related provincial zones. Danesh asserted.
He said that the best one are selected for NCT.
In April, we had competition with Scotland team and gained good achievement.  
In regard with competitions are ahead, he said that in Aqrab 24th one of our teams left for Dubai and would compete with Umman cricket team in Aqrab 25th and this team would have another 4-day competition with Australian team.
He continued that after this, we would have also competitions with the teams of Hong Kong, IEA and after these competition, our team would compete with Zimbabwe and Asia Cup that are include of different countries such as India, Bangladesh etc.
In connection with the achievements gained recently by NCT, Danesh said that those countries who had two hundreds years background in cricket we defeated them and gained related cup for our country.
He added that Zimbabwe is the full member of cricket world council and our NCT is in second rank.
In regard with financial possibilities, head of NCT said that comparing last year, our financial possibilities have been increased three folds and now, this sum has been reached to $ ten million.
In regard with current plan of his team, he added that we have arranged a good plan for 2015 that is implemented 100 percent.
Regarding agreements this department signed with institutions and companies, Danesh asserted that we signed agreements with UNICEF, Alokozy company, National Fuel Company and 1-TV. Danesh concluded.
Nessar Ahmad Askarzada