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More youth join sport; Naseri another medal winner

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More youth join sport; Naseri another medal winner

 KABUL: A move to help the youth get interested in sport, has been increased under the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan since the collapse of extremism in the country.

Atiullah Naseri is among those medal winners, who is now working as deputy technical head of sport complex for the ministry of interior.
 “I won five gold medals, one silver, one bronze and cup from among 48 countries of the world,” said Naseri since the last ten years, who is an amateur boxer. During his emigration in the neighboring Iran, he had worked under experienced trainers, such as Nazir Ahmad and Dad Mohammad Payenda Akhtari.
He said his family had encouraged him to join sport and rise as Champion in this respect and is engaged in this skill for 15 years.
These competitions are held annually in the Jordanian kingdom, where the military sections of any countries can attend each year.
He said he wanted to work for his country through his skill and sports.
The first box club was established by a Turkish trainer in 1982 in Afghanistan, where he could train many youth in this field, he said.
He asked the government for paying enough attention to the youth engaged in sports and help them remove their problems.
According to him, the sportspersons of the country were not in a firm unity and partially disappointed of the sports.
Naseri asked the youths to say no to drugs and welcome sports in order to introduce Afghanistan as a peace-loving nation to the world.Nangyalai Usmani