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Afghanistan Female National Taekwondo Team

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Afghanistan Female National Taekwondo Team

In an interview with The Kabul Times correspondent, the trainer and in charge of the Afghan National Taekwondo Team, Salma Hussaini said the Kabul Female Taekwondo Team was established eight years ago and she is part of it.
Our first competition was with female team of Mazar-e-Sharif in Kabul and we defeated them and then we travelled to Iran.
She added we have females Taekwondo teams in Kabul, Herat and Nangarhar provinces. But the Nangarhar team is not active. There is a team of Afghan refugees in Iran as well.
Talking on their achievements, Hussaini said: “Our team members including Tamana Ferotan, Farzana and Laila Hussaini are gold medal winners.”
Touching the operational clubs in Kabul, she said there are six clubs operating in Kabul in which 55 females are involved. These females also took part in league competitions with good results. Mazar and Herat teams attend trans-border competitions.
Talking on her personnel achievements. Hussaini said personally learned Taekwondo in Iran and gained two international medals among Muslim ladies one a silver medal in Iran and a Bronze medal in Pakistan. I have trained 60 students so far and due to this reason I was chosen as the chief of females Taekwondo Team. I have travelled to Thailand, Indonesia, Iran and Pakistan.
In a separate interview with The Kabul Times correspondent the trainer of Afghanistan males Taekwondo team Mohammad Bashir Taraki said since the last more than four decades, Afghanistan Taekwondo Federation has been operating which was opened by Phil Kingham being in Kabul university and was also established by Abdul Naser Hotaki.
There are four Taekwondo teams for teenagers, youth, adults and elders.Talking on their current year’s achievements, Mohammad Bashir Taraki said in the past we gained 140 medals but unluckily in current year our teams failed to attend competitions.  We will be ready in 45 days to attend South Asia competitions and I hope our teams would gain heroes to their country. Our problems have been removed now and we have collected our teams from provinces and would send qualified figures abroad to take part in competitions. The main problem ahead of our national Taekwondo team is lack of budget. This is one Olympic field and requires more investment.
At the end, Bashir Taraki asked the senior Afghan government authorities to invite serious attention to national team and support and encourage them to gain further achievements to their country.
Nesar Ahmad Askarzada