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Afghanistan's 'super performance' in SAFF championship

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Afghanistan's 'super performance' in SAFF championship

Afghanistan National Football and Cricket Teams could win consecutive victories during their matches versus Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives and Sri Lanka, with a few steps remaining for the championship in the South Asia Finals.
The country’s first national team’s victory versus Bangladesh won 4-0 in the series of the South Asia Finals, while in match versus Bhutan could win a 3-0 victory, in a match with Maldives got 4-1 win and against left a crashing defeat of wining 5 against 0 versus Sri Lanka.
The Kabul Times correspondent conducted a series of interview with the chief of the country’s football federation, house members and sports experts and fans.
Afghanistan Football Federation Chief, Kerammuddin Karim congratulating the great victory of his led football team, said the country’s footballers well indicated they can keep the name of Afghanistan with honor as they could play an extraordinary and unexpected match in the South Asia semifinals hoping to get victory in the future as well.
“The Football Team of the country is getting prepared to attend the preliminary contest for the World Cup and is exercising well for victories against some remaining countries,” said Karim who seen hopeful for the country’s world cup victory.
He advised for the citizens to avoid opening fires and carefully welcome the victories in case the country’s sportspersons could face in the ensuing competitions, as the move would harm the country’s spirit.
Some house members—one of them, Abdul Qader Zazai told The Kabul Times that the country’s sport had extraordinary success and victories since the last more than one decades and obtained high achievements since the nascent sport system found its place after decades of war in the country.
“The country’s National Cricket Team could get access to the world cup, recently and gained high achievements in this field,” said the MP who added the football team could proudly wave the country’s flag at the top of the region and the world nations.He asked the government for doing more for the sportspersons of the country, as they could bring honor and pride for their country and nation.   
           Suraya Raiszada