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Achievements of Afghan Cycling Federation

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Achievements of Afghan Cycling Federation

 Cycling Federation is one of the important bodies within the framework of National Olympic Committee (NOC) and girls and ladies are involved in this sport as the females cycling team has carried out extensive activities for growth of ladies and girls. The Kabul Times reporter has exclusively interviewed Masooma Alizadah the champion of National Cycling Team of Afghanistan Females Federation that we draw year attention to it as below:

“She said,” I learned cycling in Iran at the age of five or six. My father trained me and I have been involved in cycling since four years. I have attended Mazar and Bamyan competitions and am a member of ladies cycling national team and achieved the title of Hero Lady. I had attended two foreign competitions. 
This year I wanted to attended competition but due to certain problems I failed”.
She added, “Every year I attend Rose Flower competition, our competition to Bamyan was very interesting and a good experience to us. 
We traveled on insecure roads. I also managed to attend competitions on the occasion of elimination of violence against women, Ahmad Zaher cup. I wanted to attend Super Game Competition but failed due to some reasons that was disappointing to me. 
Our big achievements is this that National Cycling Team of Afghanistan Ladies Federation has been a candidate for the world Noble Peace Prize which is a big pride to Afghan  people.She concluded, “Our demand from the government and security bodies is My message is this that sport women should be to support us to managed in this competition purposeful some people say that girls and ladies are not allowed to cycling. But I say it is our right. 
Rights is not given but it is taken let’s change cycling to a culture in Afghanistan.
    Nesar Ahmad Askarzadah