China to ease vocational trainings for ANP

The MoI authorities said that China is expected to assist Afghan National Police (ANP) forces in vocational training.
In their meeting with MoI officials in Kabul, the authorities of Chinese embassy promised to provide grounds for vocational training for ANP forces in Afghanistan and pave the way for ANP training in China. Both sides reiterated expansion of cooperation in different fields particularly security sector, because Afghans security sector needs further training and capacity building.
Welcoming Chinesecooperation for professionalization of ANP, the MoI authorities added that if regional cooperation to be continued in war on terror and they supply modern equipment to ANSF, the latter would manage alone to resist terror groups.
Afghan military experts believe that as a powerful regional security country, China could play effective role in improvement of ANSF capability.
Political analyst ZulmaiEhsas said, in his opinion it was an extremely good and important opportunity that could be useful to both sides and the Afghan government could exploit this unique chance for improving of current security situation and professionalization of Afghan security branches.
He believes that the Afghan government should codify a precise regional policy and offer a clear definition of friend and foe. “Our regional neighbors are alternately either friend or foe and Afghanistan seriously needs a long term precise policy.”
Military expert AttiqullahAmarkheyl said, China has played constructive role in different fields specially ANDSF funding and equipping as large number of ANDSF have received vocational training in this country.
Their further training enables them to fight effective against terrorists.
The Afghan government should properly use every assistance specially from our neighboring countries and the NUG should put restoration of security on the top of their priorities and don’t let terrorists to raze to the ground our people.
Rahmamtullah a retired officer said, I expect the international community to focus serious attention to equipping of ANDSF and increase their military pressure specially air strikes on terrorists and political pressure on terrorist supporters.
Suraya Raiszada

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