Peace should be led, owned by Afghans

Soon after six days of peace talks between US officials and representatives of the Taliban group ended in Qatar on Saturday, US special peace envoy Zalmay Khalilzad arrived in Kabul on Sunday to share results of talks with Afghanistan government official.
US special peace envoy for Afghanistan said that significant progress has been made in talks with the Taliban group in Qatar, but they still have not reached to final agreement, adding talks with the group was constructive.
“Meetings were more productive than they have been in the past.
We made significant progress on vital issues,” Khalilzad said in a tweet. “Will build on the momentum and resume talks shortly. We have a number of issues left to work out.
Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed, and “everything” must include an intra-Afghan dialogue and comprehensive ceasefire”.
The peace talks between representatives of the Taliban group and US officials were also attended by Qatari officials and Pakistani diplomats.
Diplomacy of the US special envoy for ending the 17-year old war in the country will reach final agreement when Taliban enters direct talks with Afghanistan government.
On the other hand, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said the Taliban only came to the negotiating table due to Islamabad’s incessant efforts.
Talking to media persons in Multan, his electoral constituency, Qureshi said that Pakistan deserved credit for the ongoing Afghan peace talks in Doha. Therefore, talks between US officials and representatives of the Taliban group took six days. Taliban also know that US is in a position that wants to give concession.
Most of countries in the region including Pakistan have admitted that there is no other way except direct talks between the Taliban group and Afghanistan government. But, Taliban has not shown any readiness for direct talks with Afghanistan government. Peace talks should be simultaneously followed with the implementation of ceasefire and ending bloodshed in Afghanistan.
Lasting peace can be maintained in Afghanistan when peace talks are led and owned by Afghans and it will be the Afghan government that can take the decision as no organization or country can sign the peace agreement except the Afghan government.
The fourth round of peace talks between US officials and representatives of the Taliban group took place amid of increasing military operations against the Taliban group in seven provinces of Afghanistan.
It is said that a fresh round of talks between US special peace envoy Zalmay Khalilzad and the Taliban group is expected to take place on February 25 in Doha.
Lailuma Noori

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