Afghans laud ANDSF for Loya Jirga’s security

However, peace consultative loya Jirga had been facing with security threats, but the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) could ensure its security in a best way, an action lauded by the Afghan citizens.
Security officials stressed that Afghanistan as an independent country in the region is fully ready to defend the country against any security threats.
Reporting about ANDSF activities on ensuring security of peace consultative Loya Jirga, security entities said we have done much in areas the Loya Jirga was facing threats.
“The enemy did much to conduct terror activities during Loya Jirga, but Afghan National Security and Intelligence Forces could foil their vicious designs,” deputy to the interior ministry Khushhal said.
He stressed we have had good achievements during our operations as we could detect and foil 51 terrorist incidents and arrested those behind.
A number of Afghan citizens during their interview with The Kabul Times ask security entities to be serious in ensuring security as like as they have been in Loya Jirga days.
“There is no doubt that the people of Afghanistan are in dire need of security more than others, because, they have been sick of war lasted for over three decades,” a political expert Ali Rahmani said.
A lawmaker Shinkay Karokhil said that ANDSF have acted professionally during Loya Jirga days.
She stressed that it was the trust in security forces caused the participants to successfully end Loya Jirga.
Afghan residents believe that security entities have done much in order they don’t face any problems during Loya Jirga days.
Fereshta who lives in Kabul’s 5th district said that everyone knew that ANDSF are the real sons of this homeland and their efforts on ensuring security of Loya Jirga is laudable.
She added I am proud of our soldiers’ devotions. However, the people and government of Afghanistan are confronting a proxy war, but whatever being done by Afghan security forces worth to be appreciated, she went on to say.
Another Kabul resident Milad said that the areas connecting to Loya Jirga place was blocked, but national army vehicles and ambulances were patrolling in those areas so the people not to face any problems in commuting.
He added I laud ANDSF for what they did and ask the government to always support and praise them.
This comes as Loya Jirga had caused blocking some roads and streets, but despite heavy security measures our people could live in a calm atmosphere.

Suraya Raiszada

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