Akbari becomes South Asian Competitions Champion in 2019

Nadir Akbari is an athlete who has exercised different sport fields such as Kung Fu, Boxing, Wrestling and Free Fight.
Born in a sport-loving family in Kabul in 1376, he is now studying in a private university. He is a champion of weight 65 kg in Olympic National Team.
Q: Will you tell us about your sport achievements?
A: I have exercised Kung Fu for five years under supervision of Master Obaid Jalal and with hard workings, I could get the membership of Olympic national team.
He added I got four gold and two silver medals.
He pointed out that I have attended a competition held in India in 2017 and got the second position and won a silver medal.
He added in a completion held in India in 2019, I became the champion of South Asian Completions and got the gold Medal with defeating my rivals who were from Nepal, Korea and Bangladesh.
Q: As we know, you have exercised boxing professionally, what are your achievements in this field?
A: I have had three domestic competitions in professional boxing and got two gold and one silver medals.
“Sport plays key role to develop a society in different fields. Thus, the more attention is paid to youth’s capacity-building, the more they would be responsible before the society,” he said.
At the end, he said in a message that sport affected positively in any family, therefore, I recommend to all that do sport in order you be healthy.
Nangialay Osmani

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