Violence against women increases in Afghanistan, MoWA

Afghanistan ministry of women affairs says corruption in government institutions have caused that violence cases against women are not reviewed in a better way. The ministry of by expressing concern regarding increasing of violence against women stresses on seriously reviewing violence incidents against women in the country.
According to the ministry of women affairs, 15 cases of violence against women have been registered since the starting of the new solar year. The ministry has considered a number of the incidents as gang-raping of a nurse in Samangan, assassinating of Mina Mangal, throwing of a women from four-story floor in Kabul, two incidents of killing of women in a kangaroo court and selling of two girls for the pretext of marriage as shocking.
Based on information of the ministry of women affairs, from among 34 provinces of the country, most of cases of violence against women have been registered in Sar-e-Pul.
“Generally, we can say that cases of violence against women are not reviewed due to corruption in low-level of prosecutors, police and relevant employees,” said Spozhmay Wardak, deputy minister of policy for women affairs.
Nevertheless, deputy of counter violence against women for Attorney General Office (AGO) Sina Shana Mansour said that 2,700 cases of various violence against women have been reviewed in the past one year, adding that AGO has started efforts to investigate a case of a nurse, gang-raped in a clinic in Samangan.
Murder, beatings, mutilation, child marriage, the giving away of girls in marriage to resolve disputes (baad) or other harmful practices are some cases of violence that remains widespread throughout Afghanistan, despite the government’s efforts to criminalize such practices.
Besides, violence has been an unending experience for women in the country as they are subjected to it in various forms throughout their life. The most common manifestations of violence include physical violence, sexual violence, economic violence, verbal-mental violence and other kinds of violence.
Afghanistan is among countries that has signed World Declaration on Anti-Violence against Women and committed to observing the declaration. But, unfortunately no execution power has been considered for enforcement of the declaration in the country. For, violence against women has unprecedentedly increased comparing to past years.
In addition to cases of violence against women, dozens of women have been killed by Taliban in accusation of working with government, coalition forces, or sending their sons to Afghan forces.
For elimination of violence against women and seeking justice for equalities in all economic, political, social and culture fields, it is the responsibility of all human beings, ministry of women affairs, women support organizations, human rights commissions, women affairs commission in parliament and other national and international organizations to closely work in this regard. Let’s give hand to each other to seriously fight against all types of violence against women in the country.
Lailuma Noori

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