Afghanistan opens new routes for transit flights as Pakistan airspace remains closed

By: The Kabul Times

Afghanistan’s Civil Aviation Authority said on Tuesday it opened two new routes to boost transit flights which declined following the closure of Pakistan airspace.
Both the new routes are between west and east of the country. One of the routes was opened following an agreement between civil aviation authorities of Afghanistan and Tajikistan. The route leads to Tajikistan and China was added to navigation system of the region, ACCA said in a statement.
Opening of the new flight routes would shorten flight distance between East Asia and West Asia. Fly Dubai, Qatar Airways and other airlines are expected to use the new routes.
The International Air Transport Associationhas welcomed opening of the new routes.
Pakistan closed its airspace in February after a suicide attack by a Pakistan-based militant group in Indian-controlled Kashmir led to aerial bombing missions on each other’s soil and a fighter dogfight over Kashmir.
Afghanistan has lost millions of dollars as transit flights considerably declined due to the closure.

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