VP Danesh stresses key role of Ulama in society

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: On the occasion of arriving the month of Muharram and marking the Ashura, a meeting was held by second vice president Sarwar Danesh with participation of hundreds of ulamas, imams of Kabul mosques, religious students, representatives of madrasas, officials and members of cultural and academic councils including ulamas and students of religious madrasas.
The meeting was aimed at further coordination and modality of better holding the Ashura ceremony in the country.
In the meeting, second vice president Sarwar Danesh by offering condolence on arriving of the Ashura days to the people of Afghanistan considered role and position of ulamas as effective and outstanding in Islamic society.
Pointing to religious teachings, Danesh added that responsibilities of religious ulamas towards improvement and social cohesion were so important and ulamas should have serious precision and attention to mass destiny, national unity and solidarity, approximation of religions and prevention from tribal and religious- related extremisms during the Ashura days.
Second vice president considered counter extremism and efforts for expansion of moderate thoughts in the society as principal priorities and responsibilities of ulamas in mosques and preaches particularly during the Ashura days, adding that today the only rational and positive interaction among all tribes of the country was to avoid any kinds of extremisms and tribal fanaticisms and creating social and religious gaps.
In his speech, Sarwar Danesh considered protection of the republic system and the country’s constitution as the only guarantee for protection of all citizens’ principal rights, saying that they would be the redline of the government and the people.
Pointing to security of the Ashura days, second vice president stressed that role of the people in maintaining of mosques and religious centers was effective.

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