Establishment of cancer treatment center a must, First Lady

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Cancer is a curable disease, but no basic treatment center has been still established in the country, BNA quoted chairwoman of Counter-cancer Foundation of Afghanistan and Chairwoman of Afghanistan Medical Council, Dr. Nasreen Oryakhil the other day.
She asked the private sector to invest in completion of cancer hospital, which has been established in 2016 within the Aliabad Hospital.
A cancer treatment section has also been activated within the Jamhoriat Hospital, according to the agency.
In a video speech, Bibi Gul Rula Ghani, the country’s First Lady also expressed her grave concern over the fatal cancer disease and via a video massage said: “Cancer is fatal and there was a need for building a wide treatment center.”
She added that in Afghanistan there is no a cancer treatment center, this is why the ailing Afghans are spending much money for their treatment outside the country, the agency quoted.
Calling the cancer treatment center activities non-governmental and non-prolific and said that completion of the center was a piece of hope for the people affected suffering cancer disease, the agency said.

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