First case of coronavirus detected in Bahrain

The first new case of the deadly coronavirus has been detected in Bahrain, the Bahrain News Agency reported.
The case was detected after a citizen arrived from Iran and was suspected of having contracted the disease, the country’s Ministry of Health said.
Iran announced on Sunday that eight people have died in the country from coronavirus, marking the first deaths from the outbreak in the region. The Iranian Ministry of Health said that there are 43 confirmed cases of the illness in Iran.
The Bahraini citizen was transferred to a medical center for immediate testing, and is currently receiving treatment under the supervision of a specialized medical team, BNA reported.
The ministry added that it will be monitoring all individuals who had been in contact with the patient.
All individuals who are showing symptoms of coronavirus, have interacted with a person who has been showing symptoms, or have traveled to a country where the virus was detected are advised to report to the ministry to get tested, the BNA statement said.
On the same day, Kuwait announced its first three cases of coronavirus, one of which was a Saudi Arabian citizen. Saudi Arabia said it is coordinating with Kuwait to treat the citizen.

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